Design and art


Koyo LLC is a Seattle based design practice committed to the creation of distinctive graphic design and art. Helping clients bring a product, service or idea to it’s purest graphic form and into bright focus is Koyo’s primary objective. The words useful, effective, transformative, brilliance, depth, poetic are the adjectives that speak to the goals that Koyo attempts to permeate every work produced.

Established with the intent of being a specialty boutique-style design office, Koyo’s varied clientele seek strong, high quality graphic design with a unique design sensibility to enhance their presentation and appeal to consumers. Whether to establish a new identity, improve a product package or refresh communication with consumers, Koyo provides engaging, sophisticated and functional two- and three dimensional graphic design for start-ups to established corporate, professional service and retail product providers.

Koyo works toward design clarity and usefulness with an emphasis placed on visual appeal, sophistication and elegance for the greatest impact. Success is measured by the performance of our clients’ products in the marketplace. Koyo aims to help clients create a long-term relationship between their products and consumers. Many of Koyo’s designs created for local client’s niche markets have successfully made the move to national and international markets.