To name a thing helps to define it’s distinctive nature.

Koyo — a single, simple sound to Western ears — is a Japanese word that blooms in translation to a multitude of meanings. Like a simple polished vermillion lacquered cup, these brief translations provide abstract character that is Koyo LLC, the company.:

Koyo is dazzling brightness — Full of light, color and ideas
Koyo is utility — Being useful or beneficial
Koyo is enhancement — Simplifying to find greater value, efficiency and quality

While the word “koyo” is Japanese, Koyo LLC is not a Japanese company.

Koyo LLC strives to create timeless design without stylistic borders. Koyo’s successful designs are dependent on fulfilling client needs and speak in the client’s voice. To focus consumer desires on our client, Koyo character is added to find within the spirit of essential simplicity, sophisticated elegance and organic harmony. These qualities are integral to the Koyo design process in everything produced.