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Koyo LLC is a Seattle based design practice committed to the creation of distinctive graphic design and art. Helping clients bring a product, service or idea to it’s purest graphic form and into bright focus is Koyo’s primary objective. The words useful, effective, transformative, brilliance, depth, poetic are the adjectives that speak to the goals that Koyo attempts to permeate every work produced.

Established with the intent of being a specialty boutique-style design office, Koyo’s varied clientele seek strong, high quality graphic design with a unique design sensibility to enhance their presentation and appeal to consumers. Whether to establish a new identity, improve a product package or refresh communication with consumers, Koyo provides engaging, sophisticated and functional two- and three dimensional graphic design for start-ups to established corporate, professional service and retail product providers.

Koyo works toward design clarity and usefulness with an emphasis placed on visual appeal, sophistication and elegance for the greatest impact. Success is measured by the performance of our clients’ products in the marketplace. Koyo aims to help clients create a long-term relationship between their products and consumers. Many of Koyo’s designs created for local client’s niche markets have successfully made the move to national and international markets.




Identity creation, name development, packaging graphic design, identity guidelines.
Identity repositioning, identity redesign, packaging redesign.
“Organic unity in design” is the creation and integration of graphic design in a recognizable and cohesive manner throughout a business entity. Koyo offers these services, including but not limited to:
Corporate and product identity design
Print collateral design
Packaging design
Product design
Trade show exhibit and display design
Signage design for retail and architectural sites
Fleet graphics
Logo-wear and clothing graphics application design
Promotional gift items design
WordPress website design
Logotypes, marks, symbols, icons; the creation of recognizable identity for business entities, products and services.
Design of brochures, marketing tools and promotions in print media.
Packaging design ranging from niche market to retail product lines.
Creation of custom illustration and retouching of digital media.




Chris Spivey, is the principal, designer and Koyo founding member.

With more than 20 years experience working with leading design firms in San Francisco and Seattle, Chris formed Ovo Design LLC in 1998. After celebrating 10 years in business as Ovo Design LLC, he re-branded the company in 2009 as Koyo LLC in order to reflect more closely his personal art and design interests.




Past projects have included commissions for diverse products and services, with clients located locally and nationally.

Clients include:
AOME Architects AIA PS | AR Lindberg & Company, Inc. | Barisof Interior Design | CFM Consolidated Food Management Inc. | Charles Walker, Guitarist | Clarisonic (Pacific Bioscience Laboratories) | Conard Romano Architects | Financial Guaranty Insurance Company (FGIC)/New York | Free & Clear Inc. | Fulks Inc. | Kazuyuki Murata Architects | Kiku Sushi Restaurant | Lockhart|Suver Inc. | NB Design Group, Interiors | Radian Group Inc./Philadelphia, New York & London UK | Rattlestick Playwrights Theater/New York | Salon Moto | Trafficgauge Inc. | Ultreo Inc.

Prior to founding Koyo LLC, Chris Spivey created work in collaboration with these firms and clients (a partial listing):
Amerin Guaranty Corporation/Chicago | Eaglewood Development Company/Anchorage | Gilbert Investments | Girvin Inc. | Guenoc Vintners/San Francisco | Hilton Hotels/Seattle | IBM/New York | Intermec Technologies/Everett | Marsha Burns Photography | Miller/Hull Architects | NBBJ (Architecture) | Olson Walker Architects | Onodera Associates/San Francisco | Optiva Corp. (Sonicare) | The Henry Gallery | The Office of Michael Manwaring/San Francisco | Spiegelman & Associates/San Francisco | The Studio (Pate International)/San Francisco | United Airlines/Chicago | United Vintners/San Francisco




To name a thing helps to define it’s distinctive nature.

Koyo — a single, simple sound to Western ears — is a Japanese word that blooms in translation to a multitude of meanings. Like a simple polished vermillion lacquered cup, these brief translations provide abstract character that is Koyo LLC, the company.:

Koyo is dazzling brightness — Full of light, color and ideas
Koyo is utility — Being useful or beneficial
Koyo is enhancement — Simplifying to find greater value, efficiency and quality

While the word “koyo” is Japanese, Koyo LLC is not a Japanese company.

Koyo LLC strives to create timeless design without stylistic borders. Koyo’s successful designs are dependent on fulfilling client needs and speak in the client’s voice. To focus consumer desires on our client, Koyo character is added to find within the spirit of essential simplicity, sophisticated elegance and organic harmony. These qualities are integral to the Koyo design process in everything produced. 




Phil Banco Photography, Eucalyptus Photography, Doug Evans Photography, Rudy Legname/San Francisco, Kristy Lindgren, Walter Swarthout/San Francisco, Chris Spivey

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