This presentation of “Organic” projects follows several clients who started with a single project. Over time, Koyo maintained long-term relationships with each client and was able, with mindful direction, to apply graphic design consistently through varied projects of identity design, product and packaging design and custom art so as to create emerging brand personalities for these businesses or products. These personalities, the design and appeal, have helped these clients successfully grow their products and business offerings and have become memorable to consumers in their market niche.

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Founded by Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc., Clarisonic is a new cleansing product that offers a safe, gentle and natural way to cleanse your skin without any harsh abrasion or chemicals. Initially the product was aimed at the professional facial spa and professional dermatology clinic market, with an appeal to both female and male patients. Koyo was brought in to create the brand’s visual identity to attract both markets and extend the brand attributes to product packaging.

Koyo has designed the brand’s symbol and logo mark, color palette, product packaging system, print collateral materials, business communication materials and exhibit signage. The result was successful launch of the product line to it’s niche market with an identity that enabled brand equity building and product line expansion.





Burt Lockhart and Mike Suver have been building high quality one-of-a-kind homes together for over twenty years. They founded Lockhart|Suver LLC with the goal of pursuing their mutual passion for building great architecture. For Burt and Mike, working with Koyo meant they would have a brand expression based on design with sophistication and attention to details — just like in their work.

Koyo created the brand’s visual identity based on an idea of the origin of the Lockhart and Suver family names. By collaborating closely with Burt and Mike and using an ancient Runic alphabet as a foundation element, Koyo provided a very personal expression of their craft and company. Since that time, Koyo has continued to collaborate with Lockhart|Suver designing the brand’s basic elements, it’s symbol and logo mark, a graphic standards guide, print collateral materials, business communication materials, website, office and site signage, fleet graphics, employee clothing and various promotions. The result was a successful launch of the business brand with an identity that, over time, has provided differentiation and correct placement for their services in the fine home construction market.





“Headquartered in Philadelphia and with significant operations in New York and London, Radian is a leading provider of credit enhancement for the global financial and capital markets. Built on a foundation of evaluating credit risk, Radian provides risk management products and services in mortgage insurance, public finance, structured finance, reinsurance and other financial services”.*

With the merger of CMAC and Amerin, the Radian was formed. The logotype was designed based on the established criteria that Radian provides fast, flexible solutions and innovative solutions with leading-edge technology for it’s clients — many of whom are the world’s leading mortgage lenders, investment and commercial banks and insurance companies.

Koyo established, designed and maintained Radian’s Graphic Standards Guide, marketing print collateral materials and templates, business communication materials, office signage, trade show booths and various promotions. The Radian brand was a startling departure from the usual approach in this field at the time and it sent a strong signal of differentiation. This helped establish Radian as a major industry leader that has been successful for many years.





Ultreo is a new power toothbrush that combines ultrasound waveguide technology with precisely tuned sonic bristle action. Initially the product was aimed at the professional dental clinic market to establish professional credibility and then introduced to the retail market.

Koyo was brought in to create Ultreo’s introductory professional clinic packaging but in short order was also hired to design the logotype. The professional clinic-style packaging criteria required a self-display as it was going into dental clinics where space was limited. Koyo also designed the brand’s accessory product packaging system, print collateral materials and assisted with advertising art. The result was a successful initial launch of the product line to it’s niche market with an identity and packaging that was simple, clinical and strong. After the initial launch Koyo was again commissioned to design the retail brand product packaging, accessory packaging and all print collateral associated with the product.